20 Dec 2010

KiN Reports and Comments

By Rateng’ (KiN Reporter)
KiN is committed to developing and becoming the most preferred media magnet for Kenyans in Norway and with your continued support, the sky might not be the limit. Remember that our goal has been and will always be "The one stop spot for Kenyans in Norway (KiN)".

KiN has always cherished open and direct communication hence encouraging several reporters and readers to present their articles for publication without rigid editorial control. However, due to some reports reaching KiN lately, the editorial board is currently discussing the possibility of reducing direct publication of reports prior to editorial review. The same may also apply to direct comments on published articles.

KiN encourages you and all our readers to continue sending us tips and articles for publication. Note that your constructive comments are very important to KiN knowing that there is always more than just a single side of any story.

KiN requests the board members of the newly formed Association of Kenyans in Norway to send us reports and information to be published on her behalf.

Allow me to take this opportunity and wish you a very blessed Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Yours in Service,

Rateng’ O.M
KiN Reporter & member of the Editorial Board

E-mail: kenyansinnorway@gmail.com


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