13 Dec 2010

Remmy Ongala is Dead

KiN Reports
One of Tanzania's greatest artists Remmy Ongala (popularly known as Doctor) has passed on. Remmy who originally came from Kindu in North Eastern Zaire performed in various bands since the age of sixteen.

In 1978 Remmy travelled to Dar es Salaam where he joined Orchestra Super Makassy and later formed his own band, Super Matimila, named after the local businessman who bought and owned their instruments. He was an unrivalled popular artist in Tanzanian with lyrics touching vast areas of life including attacks on the rulling elite of the country.

Remmy once responded to a question about his music and popularity as follows: "I am successful in Tanzania because I write songs about serious topics ... my music is known as 'ubongo beat', because in Swahili 'ubongo' means brain and my music is heavy thinking music."

Remmy died at his home in Mbezi, Dar es Salaam early this morning.

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B. Mbaraga said...

I can never forget this great artist. R.I.P