24 Feb 2011

Kenyan skier at Oslo World Cup

KiN Sports, Holmenkollen - Oslo
Kenya's Philip Boit strongly competed for the 10 kilometer qualifying Langrenn race at Holmenkollen but did not manage to finish among the top ten athletes. Due to the said result, he automatically misses the chance to compete for the 15 kilometer qualification.

The only Kenyan competitor at this year's skiing World Cup was however satisfied with the 10km race describing it as one of the best in his 15 year skiing history. The competition is also very special for Philip who for the first time in his skiing career had his family among the thousands of spectators at the stadium. The first son named after Norway's top skier, Bjørn Dæhlie, promised to take the mantle and follow in his father's skiing route to the top. The 13 year old boy was joined by his mother, two sisters (Olivia and Faith), brother (Alex), Bjørn Dæhlie and Makosir to receive Philip at the finishing line.

'I feel it went well. I have been preparing and improving my skills since my debut in the 1998 Nagano competitions'... said Boit.

The next race for Philip is the Sprint this Thursday followed by the 30KM race starting at 12:00 CET on Sunday 27th February 2011.
KiN looks forward to seeing you all at Holmenkollen. Support, Philip, Support Kenya!!!

Several reports at VG, AFTENPOSTEN, NRK, TV2, NRK1 Migrapolis

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