28 Feb 2011

Philip Boit robbed in Oslo

KiN Reports
Kenya’s top athlete at this year’s Skiing World Cup was robbed of valuables including a laptop, cash, various bank cards and his wife’s bag. The robbery took place at the hotel where Philip and his family are staying in Oslo.

Talking to KiN, Philip said the incident occurred when he had taken his children to a fun park just outside the hotel early evening of Saturday the 26th of February. The skier sounded shocked that such an ordeal would meet him at one of Oslo’s best placed city hotel s with tight security and surveillance cameras running on a 24 hour basis. He also wondered how the thief/thieves managed to enter his suit without breaking the electric locks.

The robbery has been reported to the police who are now investigating and hopefully will nail the culprits soon. Please contact Oslo Politistasjon or KiN if you have information that can help find the culprits.

The robbery occurred less than a day before Philip was to race at the 30KM men’s competition scheduled for Sunday 27th February. From the start, Boit managed to keep the pace up the classical part of the race gearing at full speed towards Frognerseteren and into the Stadium. The audience was fantastic and supported Philip to the maximum confirming yet again that Kenya’s is one of the most popular skiing teams at the World Cup Games in Oslo 2011.

According to Philip, the 30KM competition “was a very difficult race. Northug (the winner) and the others are very very fast”

KiN Congratulates Philip Boit and Kenya's World Cup Skiing Team in Oslo.

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Anonymous said...

Kenyan athlete robbed in Oslo, Norway...of all the places!!!!! What a shame!!!