19 Mar 2011

Musa Juma passes on

 KiN Reports
One of Kenya's most celebrated rumba stars has passed on. Musa Juma, the founding member of Limpopo International Band and a lead guitarist and song star died on Tuesday evening. The death occured at Mombasa Hospital's Intensive Care Unit where Juma had been taken for treatment after a servere pneumonia attack.

Musa Juma aka Jasiaya Kababa, Wuod Usonga's death leaves his myrriad of fans in deep shock. Juma who returned to Kenya only two weeks ago from a seven month long US tour which saw him perform in many states complained of his health status but nothing close to death came to mind. He had perfomed in many states including New York, Atlanta, Maryland, Texas, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Washington DC.

Back in Kenya, Juma staged three concerts including grand performances at Hot Haux and Egesa East Villa Umoja in Nairobi and a final show at Pan City Grill and Restaurant in Mombasa.

The remains of Juma lies at Mombasa Hospital mortuary.

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