10 Mar 2011

Suzanna Owiyo Live and Direct from Kenya

JPV Promotions Reports

Suzanna Owiyo Live Concert in Oslo
Kulturkirken Jakob (Hausmannsgate 14)
Sunday 13th. March 2011  -  Kl. 19:00

Suzanna Owiyo, Kenya's popular artist will be performing with her regular band from Kenya at JAKOB Cultural Church (Kulturkirken JAKOB) this Sunday, 13th. March 2011 from 19:00 hours. The singer and songwriter has participated at major concerts including the Mandela concert in London, New York and the Nobel concert in Oslo. Suzanna Owiyo has produced two albums in Norway the latest, “My Roots” in 2010. The artist says the title of the ablum is a story in itself. “My string instrument "Nyatiti" can stand as a symbol of the disc's title. My grandfather was a prolific nyatiti player. The instrument was used at special occasions and gatherings, but it was only used by men. For women it was taboo even just touching the instrument. But this did not stop me when I wanted to learn to master it. I got more anxious to learn it after watching a Japanese woman nicknamed Anyango play on it live on our local Tv . It was the first time in my life that I saw a woman playing Nyatiti, but she gave my own ambitions to do the same thing a push.

Suzanna Owiyo’s lyrics cover a variety of topics including corrupt power figures, good leaders, gratitude and sharing the wonderful gifts we all have been given by God. The songwriter also cover areas like dangers of alcohol abuse, forgiveness, fathers who run away, faithfulness in friendship, violence against women and addiction that promotes begging and hinder development.

In addition to singing, Suzanna plays nyatiti, acoustic guitar, shakers and bongos.

Tickets available at billettservice.no Narvesen and 7-Elleven



Anita said...

Asante, count us in, we are attending.

Anonymous said...

Bought my two tickets already.

Anonymous said...

Kisumu Ber.....twaonana!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, wow, wow....!!! That was the best concert ever by a Kenyan artist in Oslo. Suzanna ia amazing, grat voice, nice moves and engaged the audience. The reception was even better since we got to talk to her for hours without stress.... Big thanks to ya all!!!