8 Apr 2011

Obama was born in Kenya, says Donald Trump

KiN Reports
Donald Trump, a US billionaire property developer takes a great issue with President Barack Obama’s birth certificate and claims the latter was born in Kenya. Trump questions the legitimacy of Obama's birth certificate says if confirmed that the President was not born in the US, this would be the greatest ever scandal in US history. It is howver very interesting that the issue is taking center stage now since Trump is said to be habouring hopes for the Oval office come 2012.
Trump took up the citizenship issue with MSNBC’s Donny Dutch and Willie Geist on a live Morning Joe show Thursday morning.

"I have to say, if this were Bush or somebody else, he would have been run out of office for this," he said on MSNBC. "His grandmother in Kenya said, 'Oh no, he was born in Kenya and I was there and witnessed his birth.' Now she's on tape and I think that's going to be produced fairly soon."

Mmmmmmm!, Watch and save your comments.

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