7 Jul 2011

Kalulu funeral arrangements

The Late Kalulu M. Kinyu 
AccountNr: 0531.51.88271
KiN Reports
The meeting at the Norwegian Red Cross, Wednesday 6th. July went very well and according to schedule. The meeting started at 16:00 and the formal part ended as planned at 18:00. The well attended funeral meeting gave chance to friends, colleagues, neighbours and relatives of Kalulu to remember the late in speech and shared their memories as they mourned their loved one.

After the opening prayers by Naomi, the chairman of the meeting Mr. Makosir presented practical information and invited the attendees to refreshments as they mingled. The meeting was then informed of the events to follow including the date set for the burial of the deceased.

Kalulu's last employer, Hennie Onstad Bo og Rehabilitering, was well represented at the meeting by several members including his immediate head of department, Anette. The latter and another colleague presented Kalulu as one of the best employees they have had at Hennie Onstad. Kalulu was reported by the duo as a hard worker, always ready to take on his duties as required and did the best to keep humour and joy among colleagues and clients.

Addressing the gathering, Kalulu's immediate former landlord, Mr. Erland narrated the events as they unfolded to the time the body of the late was driven away from the house to the hospital (by the police) for post mortem. He presented Kalulu as a very responsible tenant who was very mindful of other people's welfare. Supporting his presentation, Erland told of the time Kalulu was traveling to Kenya this February and how he had to help drive the late to the Gardemoen airport. He told of the luggage and the fishing nets that filled most of Kalulu's suitcases. The nets were gifts Kalulu had bought and was sending to people at home in line with the late's dream of "giving them fishing nets not fish and they will manage themselves better in life".

Rose and Wanita followed by Munyao Ira, Yusuf, Eunice, Meshach Munyao, Wanyama, Karumbe and Joshua, among others got the chance to address the meeting without interruption.

Munyao Ira spoke of Kalulu as a true brother as he struggled with tears. Meshach continued after Ira and gave a short history of Kalulu which was later topped up by Eunice. Kalulu's niece asked the attendees to be strong and pray for her uncle and his two children.

Makosir summed up the meeting at 17:50 issuing the following program and again inviting the attendees to soft drinks and mingling that lasted to the closing time for the latter informal part of the meeting at 19:00.

Program forward:
Wednesday 13th. July 2011 at 12:30 (CET): Burial ceremony at Haslum krematorium (Gml. Ringeriksvei 88, Bekkestua) - Store Kapell - Entrance Kirkeveien.

Wednesday 13th. July 2011:  Right after the church ceremony at the Kapell, casket proceeds to the burial site at Steinskogen gravlund (Gml. Ringeriksv. 155, Bekkestua)

Plans are underway for a memorial gathering right after the burial.

Gifts and Flowers:

As clearly presented by several speakers at the meeting, there is need to help Kalulu's two children (son 16 years and daughter 9 years old). The children are currently living in Kenya. There will be a possibility of remitting financial gifts to Kalulu memorial fund at the Kapell and after the burial ceremony. Alternatively, feel free to remit your gift directly to Kalulu Memorial Fund,  Account Number: 0531.51.88271.

The municipality has promised to send a flower bucket to the Kapell. Feel free to bring flowers so that we give Kalulu a beautiful send off.

Kalulu's funeral Committee (KfC) requests you to commit yourself to the proposed collective bus transport from Oslo Central station (Oslo S) to Bekkestua and back. The price for a return ticket is 100 kroner per person. Call/sms members of KfC to book your seat on the bus. 
PS: Mandatory payment of 100 kroner upon booking.

KfC, friends and relatives of Kalulu hope to see you and your friends at Kalulu's ceremony on Wednesday, 13th. July 2011, Haslum.

Please call/sms KfC members to book and secure your place on the collective bus to and from the ceremony (Oslo S - Bekkestua - Oslo S).

KfC members:
Makosir (95178106)
Karumbe (99619600)
Munyao (95078182)

Reported by KiN for KfC.
Meeting Photoes Copyright: Nasibu Mwanukuzi.
Oslo, Norway


Gordon said...

Thank you for a very detailed and properly presented report of the meeting. We will attend the ceremony next week.

Anonymous said...

The idea of the bus is very good!!

Anonymous said...

Rest in Peace Kalulu.

Anonymous said...

Brother, rest in peace. Pains me to know that we will always miss you. but i believe we will meet again when that time comes. R.I.P.

Paul Mutua said...

R.I.P my brother-in-law, Kalulu.

We surely should meet some day at the holy place. I learned of your slim departure though it did not sound clear how so soon.


Unknown said...

Only God can argue your case,the sky will become night,and the night will break to be a day and all the hidden treasures will be seen,Rest in peace