6 Mar 2013

Election Tallying: Statement from Kalonzo Musyoka (CORD)

KiN Newsreel
We wish to thank the millions of our supporters who turned up to cast their votes for reform, democracy and prosperity. Most of you had to brave long lines and lengthy waiting periods and we applaud your patience and persistence. We have noted that the process of releasing results by IEBC system is slow even in areas as close as Nairobi City and we have forwarded our concerns in this regard to them and we hope they will deal with them expeditiously and transparently.

We note with worry that there are those amongst our competitors who have not resisted the temptation to engage in premature celebrations that are neither based on data or fact. The facts of the situation are that only approximately one third of all provisional results have been announced. There are about two thirds of all polling stations that are yet to report their results.

It is important that we await the outcome of the remaining two thirds of the polling stations in order to make any conclusion about the result of this election. Consequently we appeal for calm and call on our supporters to relax because we are confident that after all votes are in CORD will carry the day.

God Bless You and God Bless Kenya

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