24 Jun 2013

Kenyan woman who died in Oslo Identified

NOTICE from The Association of Kenyans in Norway (AKIN)

On behalf of the Association of Kenyans in Norway (AKIN) allow me to extend our gratitude to each and everyone who has helped in locating not only the details of the deceased Kenyan lady but also for availing all the available time and machinery to manage this heavy task. 

We have now managed to get the details of her cousin living in Germany (Mr. Jacob Wanje), Vigdis and Carolines other next of kin living in Mombasa called Josephine. We have called and talked to Josephine who also lived in Oslo earlier but currently in Mombasa. She will be travelling to Oslo Tuesday 25th. June and will be our contact henceforth. 

We have been informed that Caroline was until the time of her death an employee of H&M at Alnabru in Oslo. 

The amount reported by the Daily Nation (Kshs 700000) was to cover transport costs when sending the deceased to Kenya, not a fee to be paid to Rikshospitalet. 

AKIN will keep you all updated on the way forward once the family has arrived in Oslo and held necessary deliberations. 


Kind Regards and may GOD bless all of you,

Fred Makosir 
AKIN Chairman


Jared said...

AKIN is the way forward for Kenyans in this country. This is a sad story but seems you people have a good network and manage so well.

Anonymous said...

Najivunia kuwa MKENYA na mimi ni memberwa AKIN. Good to see how they are always ready to help. Pole to the family. RIP

Anonymous said...

Hei.check if the lady have insurance ..they should the cover all expensences.