10 Dec 2010

Kenya's Jamhuri Day Celebrations in Oslo - 2010

KiN Reporter in Stockholm
It is now clear that Kenyans in Norway will be hosting several Jamhuri Day parties at different addresses in the major cities of Norway. Needless to mention, the Oslo case is more complicated since there are several Kenyans in the city and similarly there will be hosted several parties to celebrate the same day in the same city. It is disheartening to note how complicated the contours of the Kenyan community are in the capital city of Norway. Despite having several organizations and equally many attempts to organize the masses, Kenyans in Oslo are still struggling to find a common ground to table their views at a national level.

I recently attended a workshop held at Blindern where the main agenda was to find a pavement to enable members of our motherland to tender their goals and agenda for a united front. There was however more talk of a conference to be held in Nairobi which according to my understanding had nothing to do with the association that was to be discussed. It seemed to me that some of the new Norway - Kenyan leaders were simply looking for loopholes to use the name of the association to facilitate a platform where they would then appear as a uniting factor. It is embarrassing to be part of a team when you deem the future of a united front only to be served the same old tricks of using and dumping.

Some of the newly selected leaders made it sound like they had a hidden agenda and that they were ready to offer all that was available to achieve their unclear goals, a very disturbing approach to solving a demanding situation. Let me sum up this part by saying that Kenyans in Norway have to first manage and deal with the issues at hand before even imagining that they will end up with a uniting welfare association.

Well, back to the crust of the matter, on Friday and Saturday this week, Kenyans in Oslo will be treated to at least five Jamhuri Day celebrations hosted by different Kenyan groups. There is one by the women, one by the established Kenyan caucus, the politically inclined, the students and a group of artists not to mention the uncountable Kenyan organizations.

I believe it is high time that Kenyans in Oslo sit down and plan a proper way forward to reduce the magnitude of differences in a bid to build a better future for the members of this great country. We have had huge gatherings where Kenyans and friends from all walks have attended without strings attached. I hope we will bring back the best in us and join hands with or without the many welfare associations.

I have received an invitation to attend the celebrations to be held at Willy’s Club, Fred Olsensgate 11, Oslo plus several others including one at the environment house on Saturday. I wonder which of these are genuine…and without any strings attached.

Here are some parts of the invitations already received:
Willy’s Bar is hosting Kenya Independence day on the 11th. December 2010. Welcome from 19:00 hours. At midnight, when the clock hits 00.00 to usher in 12th. December, the Kenyan National Anthem will be played to wish Kenya and the new Constitution well. There will be live music and a perfect mix of DJs throughout the night. Spread this good news.

A second one for the Saturday event:
Jamhuri day celebrations –slated for the 11th December 2010 will be held at the Environmental House i.e. http://www.miljohuset-g9.no/. Members will get more details pertinent to this auspicious event soon.

Yet another for Saturday 11th. December reads:
Welcome to Kenya Independence party at Sagene Hall. Doors are opening at 18:00. Food and drinks available plus lots of nice Kenyan and music from around the world. Come and enjoy the traditional dances from Kenya and Tanzania.

And as if those were not enough, the events slated for Friday 10th. December are:
You are invited to Kenya’s Independence Day celebrations in Oslo. Please reply to this message to confirm your attendance and get the details of the party. Two Kenyan Ministers will be attending. This will be the party of the year, come one, come all.

Yet another one for Friday 10th. December reads:
Kenyan women are organizing this year’s Independence Day celebrations in Oslo…….

And one more for 10th. December reads: The Association of Kenyans in Norway, has the pleasure to invite all Kenyans and other well-wishers (those who have Kenya in their hearts) from all walks of life; on this auspicious occasion as Kenya commemorates its 47th Independence Day. Details pertinent to the material day are as follows: DATE: Friday, 10th December 2010. TIME: Friday 7:00pm –Saturday 3:00 am.

I will however be attending another Kenyan party in Stockholm where I am for the weekend. I hope to read from the parties in Oslo and hope KiN will be available at most if not all of them to file a report. I hope to finalise and post a report of the celebrations hosted by the Kenyan Embassy in Stockholm.

All in all, Happy Jamhuri Day 2010!!

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Makosir said...

I disagree with some of the points raised especially concerning uniting Kenyans in Norway and especially in Oslo. I was the proposer of the new age association that is currently working its way through the thicket of members in Oslo. I wish to state that we need to support our country and build an association that is inclusive and representative for all Kenyans in Norway. I know there is a party by the new association tonight at the enviromental house and ask all of you to attend. I will be attending to other functions arranged in connection with the Nobel Peace Prize, but will try and catch up in the later part of the night.