13 Feb 2011

Stella Mwangi won MGP 2011 in Oslo

KiN Reports
Stella Mwangi (STL) has won this year's Norwegian Melody Grand Prix and is scheduled to represent Norway at the EuroVision Song Contest in Germany this May. Stella won the contest with 280217 votes ahead of the second placed band, the Blackships who gannered 155059 votes.

True to the lyrics of her hit single, Haba Haba (little by little), Stella has confirmed that nothing is impossible if you believe and work hard. The point is to set realistic goals and aim higher.

KiN congratulates Stella and wish her the best at the May contest in Dusseldorf. STL, take it back to Norway......HONGERA!!!


George, UK said...


Gordon said...

Great performance Stella, the next stop is Germany where I believe you will win and bring back the contest to Oslo. Wish you all the best.....Haba na Haba waKenya twasonga mbele!!