22 Jul 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Bomb explosion in Oslo

KiN Reports

A huge explosion has ravaged the city center of Oslo. The government headquarters and the Prime Minister's office are among the buildings that have been damaged by the bomb blast whose cause is yet to be established. According to Police reports, at least seven people have lost their lives and several others injured in the explosion. A black car has been identified at the site of the explosion and may have been the source of the blast. Our reporter escaped the horror unhurt albeit being close to the epicenter at the time of the blast.
In another attack on the same day, more than twenty people are feared dead after a person dressed in Police uniform shot wildly at Utoya in Buskerud. The shooting took place at a summer camp political meeting where at least seven hundred members of the governing Labour Party were gathered.

The Kenyan Embassy in Stockholm is already informed of the blast and are ready to assist if need be.

If in Oslo, please respect Police orders and move away from the city center.


Anonymous said...

This is crazy!!!

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