23 Jul 2011

Terror in Oslo: Over 90 dead

KiN Reports

Police reports that at least 92 people have lost their lives after the double tragedie that hit Oslo and Utoya. In Oslo, a bomb blast left at least seven people dead and several injured. The city center looks like a war zone with debris all over. Major damage has been registered on the Prime Minister's office and several other government offices and business buildings within the city center.

Police has confirmed that at least 85 people lost their lives after a man dressed in police uniform shot at several meeting attendants at Utoya some miles from Oslo City center. Reports have it that the man had been recorded by cctv (surveilance tv) at the bomb blast area. Anders Behring Breivik (32), a Norwegian man has been arrested and is under interogation for the double tragedy that hit the political nerve of Norway. According to the Police, Anders has acknowledged participation in the events of "the dark Friday", 22.07.2011 that left several people dead.

The search for survivors is still on at both sites of the Friday attacks.

One of KiN's reporters was a short distance from the epicenter of the bombing but escaped unhurt. Pictures from buildings as far as 5-600 meters from the Prime Minister's office show major damage. These include Gunerius, Rice Bowl, Old Opera house, Youngstorget e.t.c.

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